Sensation and Sensibility

Two androids—one lacking touch, the other lacking smell, and both lacking taste—have tea time at a café.

The story appeared in issue 200 of Clarkesworld.


The Carrion Droid, Zoe, and a Small Flame

An android who tends to groves of trees in an arbetery has a chance encounter with a woman who changes the droid’s understanding of the world.

The story appeared in issue 187 of Clarkesworld. An audio version is available on the Clarkesworld podcast.


Cherry-Blossom Droid

An android wanders a post-climate-apocalypse world, trying to find a moment of reprieve from intrusive remembrances of an unforgivable act the droid committed when it served as a caretaker.

Nebula Suggested Reading (2021)

The story appeared in issue 1.3 of The Dread Machine.